Custom made floating shelves (or open shelving) add character, function and value to your home. My shelves offer substantial weight capacity, customized dimensions, and premium grade materials and finishes that look amazing with just about any style. 


I can make shelves in either a smooth finish or my signature distressed finish.  I offer two extremely strong bracket options that will work for just about any type of installation or surface.   I can make the shelves from 20" to 100"+ long and up to 16"+ deep (horizontally).  To get an estimate, fill out the FLOATING SHELF FORM and I'll be in touch.  

More FAQ's below...

Shelving FAQ's

How much do your floating shelves cost?   There are several variables that will affect pricing: shelf style, lumber type, number of shelves, installation, etc. Ballpark, they can run $350-$550, each, installed.  Extra long pieces and premium woods are priced accordingly.  I'm happy to provide quotes by email - just fill out the Shelf Form to get started.

Are your shelves solid?  
I offer both solid (just under 2") and hollow (2.5"-3") options for my shelves.  Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, and the number of studs available, one may be better suited than the other.  For solid shelves, I use a heavy duty steel bracket with rods drilled into the wood while hollow shelves use a thick, custom hardwood bracket.

How sturdy are the shelves?   There are several variables that will affect the real world number, but my smaller shelves can hold a minimum of 60+ pounds and larger shelves can hold much more, depending on the shelf spec.  These shelves are not merely for decorative purposes but engineered to hold a substantial amount of weight.


How do you mount floating shelves?    Installation is part of all my shelf projects - I do not offer self installed shelves. All shelves must be anchored into 2 studs or blocking.  My floating shelves can be installed over stone and tile walls as well.   If you are building or remodeling and plan on doing masonry or tile work, it is best to contact me before any work gets started so that I can measure the existing studs (or be sure to take photos of the wall studs during demo stage) - sometimes, additional bracing may be needed.   From my experience, floating shelves should generally be the last thing to get installed - over the TOP of tile or masonry.  But they do require some prep work to go smoothly - particularly for smaller shelves.

What about installing in a niche (recessed area)?   Niches are never very square, making it difficult to get a perfect fit with a stained product (painted shelves simply get caulked).  Typically, I make shelves 1.5" away from the wall, so there is an intentional space.  It is possible to attach shelves to the wall without trim, as seen in this photo, but there will be some gaps around the edges.  However, a deeper shelf (16"-24"+) is possible when anchoring to side walls. 


What about shelf brackets?   The most common problem with any type of bracket is that the studs don't line up with where you want to put your shelf!  You might get a longer (or shorter) shelf to make it work on an open wall, but that doesn't always match up with the design plan. For those that really like the look of rustic brackets, I have options to add them to the floating shelves just for appearance.  

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