Hi there and welcome to my workshop! My name is Allen and I specialize in making mantels, floating shelves, and smaller built-ins for your home.  I work exclusively with premium, furniture grade lumber and have fine tuned a very natural looking, distressed finish in Alder.  Other common hardwoods like maple, white oak, cherry and walnut are crafted with a smooth finish.

Before my woodworking adventure, I spent 12 years in another creative field (I think my old FB page is still up, Doberenz Photography).  While my primary craft has changed, my desire to create something artistic and unique is what led me down this new path (also, I enjoy time away from computers).  I love the idea that I'm creating unique pieces that become part of your home and could last many lifetimes.  

I am a one person show, so everything from meetings to building and even installing, ensures a level of craftsmanship that is hard to find these days.  But it can limit the size of projects I take on - mainly the overall physical size and the time frame needed.

Fill out the contact page or shoot me a txt to start the discussion.   I'm happy to work with individual homeowners, general contractors, remodelers, and designers. 

~Allen Doberenz  |  adobewoodworks@gmail.com  |  512-925-4810 (call/txt)

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